Delivery of Medicinal Marijuana in Canada

Marijuana becomes a legal drug in Canada as of the 17th of October. Making it for the Canadian to possess and purchase for at least 30 grams at a time, can be obtained at some of the best weed online delivery in Canada or online weed dispensary in Ontario Canada The obtained product can be shared with legal adults. With the enhancement of technology, the delivery of this medicinal drug for the Canadian will be more natural for them. Canada post is already delivering this kind if the therapeutic drug to the legalized users. This kind of service doesn’t exist to other countries of the United States where marijuana is legal as well. After the legalization of weed in Canada, the government says that it is legal for 18 years old and above Canadian to possessed for at least 30 grams of it and can grow four marijuana plant per residence. Producers must have a license by the federal government.

Why does Canada legalize the delivery of marijuana?

Canada has the highest rates of growing a marijuana plant. 50 percent of drug charges are related to cannabis, according to Canadian officials. This legalization also aims to reduce the spreading of the black market by shifting marijuana to government stores with low taxes.

What is the impact of the legalization of marijuana in Canada to other countries?

Marijuana has been legal for the countries of United States plus Washington DC. The legalization of delivering marijuana in Canada makes the Americans envy to them for they are the first country who make legalized the medical drug yet they still don’t provide the weed legally. Marijuana legalization in Canada says that it undergoes many processes that many experts say that this type of medication can cure many illnesses. Because many countries in Asia classified using marijuana is illegal because using this kind of drug that has no restriction.

The government officials in Canada legalized the delivery of marijuana that has similar rules and regulations that needs to be followed. The legal person who can purchase and possess marijuana is from the age of 19 and above. A person must possess 30 grams of marijuana, nothing more and the adult person who are in the legal age can grow a marijuana plant not exceeding for four plants per household. The distribution of cannabis must undergo to the provincial government. Only the licensed production has the right to deliver cannabis in Canada.

It doesn’t mean that even though Marijuana delivering has been legal in Canada, you can use it anytime and anywhere you want. You must have self-discipline on taking this drug because if you don’t, this can cause impaired memory to those people who start using marijuana when they are at the age of 16 and 17. Marijuana helps millions of people to alleviate the pain they are suffering. The medical marijuana is harmless for your lungs than smoking tobacco that can lower your lung capacity. Always remember that excess usage can cause harmful effects on your health. It is not wrong to try but always remember that all things have its limitations.

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